We Are Passionate
About What We do.

We believe in enabling individuals to express themselves through our platform and amazing products.

Our Story

DV Store is an online shopping and web portal, fully owned and operated by DV Design (Pty) Ltd. DV Design is a black owned African inspired company, and one of our goals is to create a brand that showcases the wealth of African cultures, enabling people to express themselves through their clothes, bags, shoes, etc. We were founded in 2017 by our three founding members.

One of our core missions is to enable people to embrace the African culture and identity through their clothes, bags and fashion lifestyle. We see this as a way to ensure that the culture (the various African cultures) is identified, celebrated and loved, both in Africa and Worldwide.

Our Team

We are group of dynamic people with a love and focus on creating the best platform and products for our clients. Our expertise range from Business Managements, Marketing, Operations Management to IT Infrastructure. This enables us produce amazing services, products and exceptional services to our clients.